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Why we call our HMS as HPMS ?

HMS is a Hospital Management Software which streamlines the working of a hospital by managing its various functions like administration, billing, front desk, appointments, indoor & outdoor patient, OT, LAB and numerous other peculiar health related administrative needs.

While HPMS is a Hospital & Patient Management Software where in addition to above usual functions stress is on the patient’s safety and care. The prime objective of the software with a difference is to keep PATIENT’S INTEREST at the center for his speedy recovery.

What is the difference ?
“DHANVANTRI” HPMS has attained this unique distinction through following utilities
  • Automatic electronic prescription writing utility which suggests evidence based treatment depending on patient’s weight & age. The utility checks for treatment safety for individual disease as well as for pregnancy, lactation, elderly, children, liver insufficiency, renal insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency.

  • Prescription writing utility checks for drug allergy, drug duplication & drug interactions automatically and warns the user by popup messages of such possibilities.

  • Patient’s complete medical history is stored in the software which can be seen in chronological order any time. this helps in the treatment to a great extent.

  • Patient’s education hand outs are available for various diseases, exercises to help them manage their disease more effectively.

  • DOSE CALCULATION IN CASE OF RENAL FAILURE: In cases of renal insufficiency the software would be able to calculate the ideal dose depending on the creatinine clearance test of the patient.

  • INDOOR TREATMENT MANAGEMENT: Proper & timely follow up of orders is also as important as the orders given by the clinician for the speedy recovery of the patient. Due to the busy schedule sometimes nursing staff can forget to carry out orders in time. To meet out such situations the software would be having AUDIO-VISUAL warning system in case any treatment has over shoot the designated time period.

  • CRITICAL CARE MANAGEMENT: Fluid & Electrolyte balance, being very complicated, requires specialist care which may not always be available in an emergency. This may potentially lead to death in severe cases of dehydration, hyponatremia or burn. We would be incorporating a utility which on entering the body wt. & recently done electrolytes values of the patient would automatically calculate the required fluids & electrolytes needed to replenish the system.

Why it is more relevant than simple HMS in present times ?

with knowledge explosion it is humanely not possible for any one to remember exponentially vast knowledge/literature of subject HEALTH. Computer assistance like in every other field has become essential to help doctors deliver quality treatment to the masses.

World over, there is stress on evidence-based medicine, best described as the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current evidence in decision-making.

Professional organizations & government agencies, as part of their endeavour to aid physicians & other caregivers, are developing formal clinical practice guidelines. These guidelines can provide a useful framework for managing patients with particular diagnosis or symptoms.

Recently a large survey of hospitals in USA, identified the 100 most wired hospitals & when their data was compared with other institutions including teaching hospitals, their patient mortality rate was 7.2% lower on average. This further strengthens the view that computerization is really important to achieve high standards in public health.

“DHANVANTRI HPMS”has been designed to help doctors write safe, error free first rate prescription and manage their patients health more efficiently with an ultimate goal of quick recovery.

  • Five level security of the data. Access only by password, biometric or unique password. So less headache
  • By keeping log of any change made in the database by date, time, identity of the operator & changes made in the software, tracking any errant behavior of the software would be easy
  • Bar coding & smart card applications may result in over all better efficiency & minimum confusion
  • Consolidated & secure EMR would save tremendously on man power, space & leaking of valuable data to outsiders
  • HL-7 compliant feature would ensure smoother functioning of the software later on also when any new application or equipment is to be installed Due to strong MIS & DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM better planning & utilization of available resources is possible
  • Patient can be registered under various heads like below poverty line ( BPL card holder ), economical status, OBC, SC, senior citizen, armed forces, Govt. employee, CGHC beneficiary etc, etc. & depending on it various benefits or payment structure can be scheduled accordingly. Depending on them any kind of statistics can be taken out later on
  • Complete drug database including full monographs or pharmacology is on desk top to consult
  • Automatic check for drug interactions, duplication & drug safety in case of pregnancy, lactation, elderly, children as well as for liver insufficiency, renal insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency
  • Patient’s complete profile or demographic data & previous record is present in chronological order. Any previous prescription can be down loaded if need be. Thus saving time in rewriting
  • Every doctor can set his own protocol according to his specialty and save it for all time in the software under his name
  • Readymade prescriptions or treatment protocols can be made for any number of diseases by any doctor and can be saved for all time. This can be downloaded in any patients record during consultation to save time
  • Personal appointment diary can be maintained by individual doctors to facilitate his work schedule. This would be having automatic reminder facility
  • For Paediatricians complete vaccination schedule is available with various growth charts & developmental mile stones charts which can be incorporated with patient record. Child’s growth velocity can be seen in graph if multiple readings are available
  • Automatic alerts made available during prescription writing ensure patient safety, higher quality of medical care, faster recovery & ultimately less financial burden
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